Postpartum Doulas

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Jacquie Procopio

Mamma's Instincts | 401-388-0478
My postpartum doula services are comprised of a variety of emotional, physical, and practical support measures that I draw from to meet the needs of your individual family. It is not unusual to be overwhelmed and not know exactly what you need. To determine these needs I will listen to your story and work with you and your family to develop a plan for postpartum care.
My passion for providing postpartum doula services comes from my experiences and knowledge of the many benefits of having support after a baby arrives in your world. I embrace the uniqueness of each family I work with and am respectful that I am allowed into their personal space as they transition into a new or growing family. My goals are to nurture the mom and guide the parents to be confident of their inner voice and to trust their instincts.
I have 29 years of diverse experiences with children and families as a respiratory therapist at Boston Children's Hospital, as a founder and coordinator of an after school program, as a provider of childcare, and as a full time mom to my own four children. I look forward to meeting you.

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Kristen Kardos

Rhode Island New Moms Connection
| 401-787-0420

As co-founder of Rhode Island New Moms Connection, I have been supporting pregnant women and new moms since 2006. It was a natural next step to support women within their homes as well; so I began working as a postpartum doula in 2009. My personal challenges of new motherhood led me to want to work with other new families, offering a nonjudgmental space to talk about their experiences while gathering resources and information to be confident parents. I am a mother of three, an educator, a group facilitator, and a doula who gives families the tools they need to ease the transition to parenthood. I support all families; I realize that while families may look different, we are all doing what is best for our own family. I will support the choices you make; and leave you feeling confident, refreshed, organized, and ready for what lies ahead. I also answer questions from pregnant women & new moms on my blog, which may give you more insight into who I am.

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Lanie Heller

The Helping Hands Doula | 401-480-6504

Lanie Heller is a mother of one boy who's birth lead her to this amazing field of work. She's a D.O.N.A. Trained postpartum doula since August of 2009. She's been serving clients in RI & MA since September 2009. Lanie was also trained as a CLC. Helping families adjust to postpartum life (and thereafter) is her passion & she feels is her true calling. Assisting families along the path they choose in a non-judgmental way is how she chooses to run her business. Although her website is currently down she has an active Facebook page that can be seen here:

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Hailey Paris | 401-744-4973
I provide home visits to support you and your individual needs. I offer postpartum care during the day, as well as overnight care for newborns. Educate the family about newborn care, as well as postpartum care for the mother.  Assisting family with daily needs. From meal preparation, to shopping, to light housekeeping and organizing the home. Partner and sibling adjustment, breastfeeding and bottle feeding support. Passionate about helping families through support and education.
Growing, nurturing and starting a family can be challenging. Wherever you are on your parenting journey, the choices you make today help shape what your tomorrow looks like.  I'm here to support you on your unique path through conversations, open heartiness and collaboration.  My role is to walk alongside you!

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Quatia Osorio

Our Journ3i | 401-307-1882

My name is Quatia Osorio from Providence, RI. I am a Mother of five and the owner of a local cloth diaper service, Mama Blu Diaper Service. Also, I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula with Our Journ3i Doula Service, having recently acquired a grant with Minority Health Office in the Department of Health of Rhode Island partnered with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women - RI Chapter and the Family Home Visiting program to service African American families in need of birth and postpartum doula services. The former Project Coordinator for the RI Baby Café~Southside in Providence, which provides drop in for the breastfeeding community to promote and support breastfeeding in partnership with the RI Health Department, Rhode Island Breastfeeding Coalition, National Coalition of 100 Black Women - RI Chapter, and the Doula Collective. Recent graduate the Parent Leadership Training Institute, a 20 week intensive training to advocate for rights of children within the community, initiate and promote access to resources within my community for families and streamlining different processes for families to develop better relationships with community based organizations. My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree from Bryant University, Smithfield, RI; certification in
Perinatal Anxiety and Mood Disorders from the Indiana University supported by the Postpartum Support International, Inc. I am currently certifying in Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support and studying to become a Childbirth Educator with  Birth Arts International.

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Jessica Rosene

Interwoven Care: Dynamic Threads of Support | 978-376-8918

Jesse has been involved in reproductive advocacy for women's health since 2008. She offers dynamic support through massage therapy, alignment-based yoga, evidence based childbirth education and of course, full-spectrum doula support for all stages and outcomes of women's reproductive cycles.

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Sage Fanucchi-Funes

Sage Doula Care | 707.599.1533

I am a doula because I believe that all pregnant people deserve care that affirms autonomy and respects all during such a transformative moment, regardless of any identities they hold. Originally from California, I first heard of the term reproductive justice when I was 15 years old as a peer educator at the local Planned Parenthood. Since then I have been increasingly interested in the ways in which doula care intersects with birth and reproductive justice. I am a queer and trans friendly provider who has experience and training in LGBTQ healthcare. I am passionate about racial and class justice. I believe that the fight for justice begins at birth. Birth Justice exists when women and transfolks are empowered during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum to make healthy decisions for themselves and their babies. I believe that doula care can help achieve such justice on an individual level.

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Lauren Miller, M.S.

Lauren Miller Doula Services | (401) 433-9598

The transition to motherhood, for the 1st time or the 5th time, is an incredible transformation. As a birth and postpartum doula I work with the mother and her family to support that transition and to facilitate bonding with the new baby. My mission as a birth and postpartum doula is to provide non-biased, evidence-based support through pregnancy and beyond. Prior to my doula training I received a master's degree in clinical psychology. When I worked as a therapist I sought to provide my clients with skills they could utilize outside of my office. As a doula, I seek to support my clients through birth and postpartum so that they can confidently make decisions best suited to their wishes. I honed my research skills in graduate school and I keep those skills sharp by staying up-to-date on current best-practices for birth, postpartum and infant care. My doula practice aims to nurture, educate and empower families as they transition to parenthood. In my free time I enjoy spending time at the beach with my children, running races in support of Every Mother Counts and reading lots and lots of books.


Paulette Butler

NightLight Doula


Get ready to be a parent; advanced preparation is key to surviving the first few months.  Really, it can be tough, but it doesn't have to be! “Becoming Us” prepares couples to have an easier time with transitioning to a family. This is not a "baby care" program, this is for parents. Keep your relationship intact, lower your stress levels and learn how to communicate when you're cranky and sleep deprived. There's lots of love and fun ahead, don't you want to enjoy every minute?

My “Breast for Success” breastfeeding prep program gives you all the info and confidence needed to be a successful breastfeeding mom.  Plus, you get unlimited text and phone support, as well as a follow-up after birth. Becoming Us is a prenatal journey to get ready for parenthood. Great planning and communication techniques will help you and your partner during this exciting time in your lives. I'm a mom of two adult children and grandmother of two boys.

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Kim Kosut

Blessed Beginnings | 401-782-3559

I was called into the birthing world long before my own babies were born. It is such an amazing blessing to walk alongside a family at such a special time. I have been working hard to create a healthy beautiful continuum of care for all of my clients and their families. I love my work and consider it one of my greatest passions, next to my faith, my husband, and my children. There is nothing better than working with amazing families and welcoming Baby on their Birthday!

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Lauren Amand

Gentle Beginnings | 401-480-2460

I believe in the natural process of labor and birth. Giving birth provides women an opportunity for self-discovery and to strengthen the couples bond. Women remember their children's births for the rest of their lives. I strive to help make that memory a beautiful one and a source of strength for each woman and each couple. I have been a certified childbirth educator since 2003 after having been inspired by the beautiful, empowering births of my own children. My desire to support women and couples through this transforming process naturally grew into providing doula support. I have been providing birth and postpartum doula support since 2005 with the same philosophy that honors their experience and individuality. I am committed to educating women and couples about their options for gentle birth, helping them build trust in the natural process & providing nurturing doula support. With these ideals I have supported over 150 women and their partners.

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Susie Finnerty 206-499-3770

Susie is an artist, mother, and birthkeeper in Providence, Rhode Island. She trained as a birth doula with DONA International in 2014 and as a Full Circle Doula doula with Shafia Monroe in 2018. Susie also became a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PBi) in 2016. She has mentored new mothers through Families First RI, is a member and co-president of Doulas of Rhode Island. As a doula, Susie is committed to offering families compassion and respect, while supporting them to make informed decisions about their care. Her professional experience working in the office and administrative sides of healthcare, combined with her personal experience as a birthing mother (x3) and mother-advocate of of a medically complex child, has leant to her strong capacity to support families in advocating for genuine family-centered care in whatever birth setting they choose. Susie believes in the importance of doula and broader community support that encompasses the pregnancy, birth and the transition into parenthood–knowing that this continuum is key to helping every new family thrive.

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Erica Maddox

Trace Doula RI | 401-954-2023

I am a trained SMC Full Circle Doula in Providence, RI. I’ve always had a passion for childbirth. After the birth of my daughter in 2007, I knew I wanted to be in that field. I was my own Doula with my daughter and after having her naturally I felt empowered. It was then I wanted to empower other women during that process. I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor or nurse, however the thought of being a midwife or doula was always a passion and goal for me!

Currently I am enrolled at Johnson and Wales University studying Counseling Psychology. It was during postpartum I didn’t feel empowered or supported. I was confused on what I was going through after having my daughter. I seeked counseling, where we (my therapist and I) discovered I was suffering from PTSD. After the support from my therapist, I knew being that support person she was for me; I in return needed to be that with other people.

My goal is to empower women during their pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum period. I want to merge the gap of pregnancy and therapy to provide a full circle experience.

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Johanna Lonngren

A Pot Full of Joy | 401-234-3935

As a doula I don't just want to help the woman that I serve experience the birth that they dream of, but also support them through pregnancy and after birth, as I believe this is often overlooked. I believe birth is best left to the natural way God designed us, and medical interventions are best left until actually medically necessary.

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Ada Johnson

Hawthorn Community Birth | 401-415-0804

I have been doula trained for 11 years and have attended over 100 births as a doula and an apprentice midwife. I am a Full Spectrum Doula who believes strongly in supporting and advocating for all birthing parents and families in the way that works best for them. My passion for birth work is deeply connected to my belief in reproductive justice and my desire to be part of creating a safer world for us all.
I'm a queer mother of one living and one non living child and am also a bereavement doula. I'm very interested in working with parents who are pregnant after a previous loss or otherwise traumatic birth.
I have a strong belief in the transformative and healing power of birth. I am currently in school for Somatic Experiencing and have spent many years learning, studying and working with plants, with ritual, with food, with water, with movement and with collective liberation in the spirit of transformation and trauma healing. These tools are available if clients are interested.


Keesler Gomes

Mama Dove Doula | 401-443-0558
Training Organization: Doulas of North America

Keesler is a DONA trained Birth Doula. She is also an SMC Full Circle trained Provisional Doula. Keesler has been exposed to many aspects of health care through her own experiences with the birth of her 2 boys, a miscarriage in 2002, an abortion in 2008 , assisting women in a number of births, and as a direct care provider at a mental health & rehabilitation hospital.
She has been in the healthcare community as a Certified Nursing Assistant since 2001 and has recently decided to shift her focus to her longtime calling, the doula profession. Keesler is an advocate for her special needs children and long-term Cerebral Palsy client, and is passionate about supporting her doula families in learning how to advocate for themselves and their children. Keesler is committed to providing emotional and physical support to those who might not otherwise have any, or have less easy access to care. She understands that the idea of parenthood can be overwhelming and scary, and hopes to support every family in feeling more empowered and prepared for the birth of their child and helping smooth the transition into family life with your new little one at home. Keesler is particularly interested in supporting families that might not have pre-existing supports, including single moms, families with out of state relatives, LGBTQ families, and younger parents.


Emerald Ortiz

Sacred Wombanhood Birth Support | 508-740-1519

I am a mom, a friend, and a listening ear. I am passionate about supporting all birthing people and their families in having the best possible birthing experience. I rely on evidence based birth information to inform and empower pregnant people. Also as a trained full circle culturally competent doula I am sensitive of cultural needs.

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Laura Brown-Lavoie

Full Circle Doula | 617-817-6598

Laura Brown-Lavoie is a full-circle doula, farmer, and artist. She is trained as a birth companion for women through their whole journey through pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum care. With an open heart, Laura is here to listen to your vision for this birth, and to support you in ways that fit your body, your culture, your family, and your spirit. She brings with her plant knowledge and years of meditation practice. She is honored to be given the opportunity to serve women in their magnificent acts of creation.

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Preetilata Hashemi | 410-608-6154

Everyone deserves to be fully informed and empowered in their decisions during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As a doula, my job is to support and advocate for you. I do this work because I believe ensuring compassion, respect and justice for pregnant and laboring people is critical to creating healthy and resilient communities

DORI logo.jpg

Shaylene Costa | 401-347-9485

I am a provisional Doula with two years experience volunteering with families to help them care for their children.

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Megan Bain

Barefoot Mama | 401-486-6967

Becoming a doula was something that caught me by surprise. While I was pregnant, I realized that I needed more information about birth and my options. After the birth of my daughter, I felt a shift within myself and began taking steps towards a pretty big career change! (I had been teaching preschool for six years). I now find myself immersed in this amazing birth world and loving every minute. I enjoy helping families learn about their options and supporting them on their own, individual journeys. I believe birth is an amazing and empowering process. My job as a doula is to support families as they make choices about the kind of birth and postpartum experiences they would like to have.



Ready Set Latch Go | 401-684-8189

My name is Latisha Michel. I am a dedicated wife and mother of 5. I am also the Founder of Ready Set Latch Go. Ready Set Latch Go is a service for Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum and Breastfeeding Support along with navigation and connecting to other services warranted based on individual need.
My passion for becoming a Doula stems from my own experiences and vast history with supporting my family and friends over the past 24 years. Because of my own experiences my goal is to ensure that the mom feels heard, supported and empowered during her birth. Supports are also offered for her team to help heighten the confidence for all to support mom as well.
I've adopted the motto that "Birth isn't something we suffer, but something that we actively do and exult in" and my hope is that you will do just that.