Doulas and dads or partners can make a wonderful team during labor and in the postpartum period. Partners need support, too, and the doula is a positive source of guidance, encouragement and information.

Doulas work in as many situations as there are family types and there’s truly a doula who is the best fit for you and your family. At DoRI, we encourage you to meet many doulas who provide birth and postpartum services. You’ll certainly meet ones who you feel most at ease and comfortable with. We all know one another and are happy when a family finds the perfect doula for them.

Doulas are not there to replace a father, mother, partner or grandmother or anyone else a mom invites into her birth. We are there to enhance both the birth and postpartum experience for everyone. Dads and partners are freed to support moms how they know best instead of being propelled into the role of main coach and supporter when often, they themselves have no or limited experience with birth or babies.

Doulas provide nurturing, non-judgmental, calming support returning to the age-old tradition of women supporting one another during birth and postpartum. The care of a professional doula allows dads and partners to participate and relax into the birth and new baby time feeling supported themselves.